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Nadia: thank you for sharing this. People often don't realize how devilish this text is to preach on. Thanks for sharing the reality of the Law and Gospel as it hits us in the real world. Blessings, my sister and colleague. -- Martin Eldred, Eagle River, Alaska

Thank you! We are both Sheep and Goats. Amen.


I recently returned from a mission trip to the DR. We worked alongside Haitian refugee and migrant worker communities for a week. Sometime during that week, while giving an elderly Haitian man a back rub and praying for healing, my entire worldview got turned outside-in. Those Haitians are now within me and I cannot see anything without looking through their faces. And the name on one of those faces is Bella (pronounced Bay-yah) which her kids proudly proclaim means “beautiful.”

As an Incarnational Christian, one should be able to look deeply into my eyes and see the image of Christ; tarnished and dim to be sure, but His image nonetheless. As a Missional Christian that image within me meets His image within Bay-yah and we serve each other in love.

Two thousand years ago the Word became flesh. Now is the time for the flesh to become Word. The incarnation of His love within us becomes the missional love that we spread through relationships that become sacred because His image is reflected from both ends. I am just starting to “get” that. Thanks again, Nadia, for leading me in that direction.

Excellent, Nadia!

It is so easy to become self-sufficient. The words of Bob Dylan's "Forever Young," have shaped my on going struggle to let others help me... "May you always do for others, and let others do for you."

Once again,you tear down the barrier between "us" and "them". Constant vigilance is needed as that barrier is so much easier to put up than it is to remove.

thank you. you say what is in my heart and what I wish was in my heart.

I don't go to church because it's boring.

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