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WOW, Nadia. The Holy Spirit must have flooded your heart late Saturday night! Awesome!

thank u.

Thank you so much. I have been reading your sermons for a while, and they have helped me so much.

Thank you.

Awesome take. I also liked the Hardest Question article! Great work!

Thank you. I've been looking forward to your sermon this week, and this is awesome.

the greatest gift and the hardest work are one and the same love. bless you nadia for your work and your wisdom.

Thank you -- this morning I was fed the sermonic (is that a word?) equivalent of Funyons. Thank you for some real soul food.

Inspired (in the best sense of the word!). Thank you.

Great hearing you at Greenbelt this year: really hope you'll be back next year too.

I could not have written this better!! Not forgiving someone for "let's say" killing your wife in a drunk driving accident, WILL eat you up inside!! Forgiveness sets you free from that!! By the way, Pastor Don, who was fired from his Christian church for doing that teenagers funeral, is now the pastor at the historic little red church just a 200 feet from my home on Virginia Street in Idaho Springs, CO (Zion Lutheran Church)...Thanks for this!! It was right "on target"!! Amen!!

Awesome! So right on! My status yesterday on FB was "Lest we forgive." This post was exactly what my spirit was feeling but couldn't put into words. Thank you! Blessings.

"So maybe retaliation or holding on to anger about the harm done to us or living in fear of it happening again doesn’t actually combat evil. It feeds it." Wow, I needed to read this...I think I've been living in fear too long. Great post, Nadia.

you have no idea how my heart needed to hear this.


when we forgive someone, it’s not an act of niceness, it’s not being a doormat, it’s an act of fidelity to God’s evil-combating campaign...

Best sermon on forgiveness I've ever heard (or read)!

Wonderful piece of thinking and writing. I'd love to hear more about the actual ways to use the "bolt cutter." Also, one of the little aha moments I have had recently is that we really cannot forgive if we continue to put ourselves in a position to be repeatedly abused in the future as we have in the past. Leaving the spouse who beats you gives you a real chance at forgiving them. Looking at the factors that contributed to 9/11 (like the huge inequities in the world) and working for real change and redistribution of wealth and opportunities allows us to forgive. Thank you.

Thank you, Nadia. This is food for my soul. I'll especially remember "Forgiveness is God's way of combating evil."

This was life-changing for me. Seriously. Thank you for helping me finally understand how this works. Amen.

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