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Brilliant...this could be a great start for your next book!

Wow. Wish I was there to hear it in person. Thanks for posting this so I can read it again. :)

been waiting for that. thanks nadia for being real and for getting your hands dirty with christ.

this is an amazingly refreshing take on easter. over the years being a preschool teacher at primarily faith based schools no matter how many times i ask 3-5 year olds what easter is really all about, even if we have been talking about it all week... they still say bunnies, eggs, chocolate! argh!! from the mouths of babes the truth is told. if only it could different. thanks for doing your part to reprogram the general populations thinking on this day. blessings to you.

Thanks for keeping it real. Took a similar approach with my sermon Sunday... told folks if they were there to see bunnies and eggs and candy, HEB (the grocery store) is right up the road and if you hurry you might get some 1/2 off, but we're not doing that here. We held worship with the Episcopalians and used their proper for the first eucharist on Easter, with Mark's gospel. Blessed Easter.


Great message!

Thank you. Here in the UK things are getting just as commercial with less and less about the real meaning of Easter / Christmas etc. I'm begining to think that we have to see ourselves in a post-Christendom society and re-think how we do things accordingly.

Thanks for wonderful and new take on Easter. I will use it in our small group.
Darlene Erickson, ebenezer, Chicago

Thanks Nadia.

BTW,a few weeks ago, children in a local School (UK, Primary school) were asked "what did Jesus do on Easter Saturday?" One replied: "He went to hell to look for his friend Judas"

Ah-- what a wonderful, perfect sermon. Thank you.

My goodness, this is amazing. Amen!

Excellent! Thought provoking to those of us who are involved in "spiffifying" up the church for Easter. Maybe next year we should just pull the black cloth off of the cross and altar and go forward letting people ask "why isn't the church decorated?". Of course we need to be ready with our answers.

"No room in our expectations." Love it! I think you just inspired my 2011 Advent preaching series.

Thank you! I agree that Jesus reveals God. Process theologians, open theists, womanists, etc. have been trying to say this for a while. Unforchunately, most of Western thought has argued that God is NOT like Jesus.

Here is a great quote from Alfred North Whitehead:

“When the Western world accepted Christianity, Caesar conquered; and the received text of Western theology was edited by his lawyers. The code of Justinian and the theology of Justinian are two volumes expressing one movement of the human spirit. The brief Galilean vision of humility flickered throughout the ages, uncertainly. In the official formulation of the religion it has assumed the trivial form of the mere attribution to the Jews that they cherished a misconception about their Messiah. But the deeper idolatry, of the fashioning of God in the image of the Egyptian, Persian, and Roman imperial rulers, was retained. The Church gave unto God the attributes which belonged exclusively to Caesar.”

Wonderful, wonderful sermon. A great proclamation of the Gospel!

I love the idea of the dirt still under the fingernails of Christ, who was stil bearing the scars of his crucifixion. Resurrection (wherever we're looking for it) can never simply paper over the wounds of the past.

Can't wait to hear you at this year's Greenbelt!

Very nicely written. Really makes think. Thank

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