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Wow, thanks for the great sermon Nadia! I just found your blog the other day and really enjoy it! Peace!


There's a picture of the woman at the well, by Kenneth Wyatt, hanging in the fellowship hall of 1st UMC in Tulia, Texas, where my wife and I worship. I can never see that picture, read this text, or hear anything about the woman at the well without thinking of one of my wife's relatives who couldn't even remember the names of the men she had wed and whose names she took when she applied for Social Security and had to give other names she had gone by. But eventually she came to the well, and drank of the water offered her, and now she tells everybody about that guy she met. I'm not telling tales or gossiping. She has given me permission to share this story anywhere and everywhere.

Thanks, Nadia, for you always insightful and provocative sermons.

This is overall a great message but I wonder if you might want to discuss the seeming ease with which you throw around a word like "trannie," which is an epithet used against trans women and trans people of color in particular.

Yes, and if you could account for the seeming ease with which you throw around a word like "floozy," which is an epithet used against sobriety-challenged women and sobriety-challenged women who like sex, in particular. Furthermore, "Enron executive" is clearly disparaging of energy industry workers whose color and economic status, regelate them to a much-maligned segment of our diverse society. That your use of these words is clealy benign, clever, and descriptively rich by no means makes you immune to the eager to be offended champions of the politically-correct. But overall, you know, great message.

Just read your sermon on the woman at the well.

Thank you for this blessing!

I was not offended, nor am I interested in being politically correct.

I was asking for clarity about the pastor's use of a word that is anything but benign to many trans folks, and is in fact the subject of a really complicated and difficult debate within the trans community.

I'm not sure that I'm going to read a response from Rev. Bolz-Weber at this point (which, sincerely, is fine - I'm not owed a response) but Seamus's response to my comment indicates that perhaps I wasn't clear about why I was asking in the first place. I wasn't trying to be the PC police.

it's been very useful. I'm truly grateful and really impressed.

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