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The Good News of Jesus Christ is not an if/then! Amen!

You give me hope for Christians in the future. Though your words have not persuaded me to come back to the Church, I appreciate them nonetheless. May more hear your words. May more follow your example.

Amen! Just beautiful.

Excellent reminder of God's universal love for all people. Does accounting for those who believe in Him take up too much of the church's time and energy? Do we, and should we, alternately infer that everyone who doesn't believe "may perish"? Is this reaction one of paranoia and fear, rather than love?

"For God did not give us a spirit of cowardice, but rather a spirit of power and of love and of self-discipline." 2 Timothy 1:7

thank you.
1) for posting this sermon
2) for writing/preaching this sermon
3) for being a truth-teller

thank you

Awesome! If I am ever in Denver, I am definitely attending your church!

Since creation is the first step in salvation and God's word will not return to him void all the people and us also are works of God in various states of completion and since he is God I think he will get what he wants.

I always looked at it more like an Airport . Christ gave us a free ride . He provided the plane , he provided the payment . All we have to do is accept the Free Ticket. How that is intolerant I guess is how you look at it . My belief is none of us deserve the free ticket , but He gives us one anyway .

About 2000 years ago there was a nation with a religious culture that believed all gods were acceptable and equal ,
this culture also was one of the the most treacherous murderous military machines in history . Changing the Gospel to
a more pluralistic theology does not necessarily make better people ? . I prefer trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ . You read the Gospel Nadia, if anyone is intolerant it is Christ . He taught us to love one another , to help and give to the poor, forgive . He also told HE was the path.
Believing that is just believing what Christ Said is true . How you share that I agree is important

Thank you for this sermon, something was amiss in my comprehension of John3:16, I am digesting what you have said, I don't know how we(I) got to complicate this critical verse in so many perverse ways, and made an idol of 'belief' itself.

This sermon is beautiful. Thank you.

@ Mick- Jesus was tolerant in that he didn't persecute or condemn anyone because they didn't agree with his beliefs. Being tolerant doesn't have to mean that you agree with other's beliefs, it only means that you allow others to follow their beliefs without condemning them. Jesus tolerated (forgave) even those who crucified him.

I love the "because/therefore" rather than "if/then" of John 3. I just started reading this blog as the result of Nadia's Easter message on Chocolate. I love the image of dirty fingernails and soiled clothes of a gardner.

How refreshing!

Thank you for this sermon. I'm truly grateful and really impressed!

I stood up in my seminary liturgy class and said "Grace would be a lot easier to explain if we didn't have so many rules." Didn't go over so well with the professor nor some classmates. The Holy Meal is food for us all.

I also appreciate your clarity on reading Scripture. Too often we read just those bits that speak to our fears or make us feel good. Like any good writing, you don't get the whole story unless you actually read the whole story. Taking just bits here and there, well, doesn't honor the text very well. Thanks for underscoring that.

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