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Them being Magi instead of kings is exactly what I talked about this last Sunday, and the fact that we become kings through the act of God becoming human. We, despite our ordinary, human sordidity, become co-heirs with him in the inheritance of our Father.


Yippee! This is great.

I love this! It's so true, all of it. And how grateful I am that I don't have to hide my many imperfections or pretend to not have them! And how grateful I am that He is also in the business of transforming me, as I cooperate with HIm and continue the mind-renewing process while being vulnerable to Him and totally dependent upon Him. I love this post, and the spin that was put on the sermon of Magdalene6127. Thank you both for shring.

It's still all a myth; there's no record of Herod killing any children or of Caesar Augustus ordering people to go back to their places of birth to be registered.
This is why religion is such a fundamentally dishonest exercise in wish-fulfillment.

Actually magi were priests not magicians. The word is used differently in Acts.

It is important to unpack what the magi really were, but understanding does not come by viewing through the lens of how we define magic in our society. To get a handle on who the magi were we have to understand what Zoroastrian priests practiced and believed.

To have an unknown number of foreign priests recognize Jesus when the Jerusalem establishment does not is a very strong image. For Herod to go on a murderous campaign not only ties him to Pharaoh, but it also ties him to Saul who killed the priests of Nob in his pursuit of David. Herod essentially is the Saul figure, the persecutor of the son of David.

...what hmac said. You're oversimplifying the facts to a fairly serious degree, which fine, whatever. What I'm curious about is, why are you emergies always so angry?

Let me explain what I mean by that - you call mainstream church things like distasteful and insufferable and misplaced...but aren't you just substituting one kind of church snobbery for another?

There are two main theories about the magi. Justin Martyr in the 2nd century thought they pagan magicians who realized their magic was a fraud and were looking for real truth. The other, almost as ancient, was that they were Jewish because of a prophecy that the Jewish people would return when the Messiah comes. This fits in with the idea that were three of them, not only because of the three gifts but also they were representing the three farthest part of the diaspora at that time: Babylon, Persia, and Ethiopia.

Either way, their question to Herod of "where is the King of the Jews" is both a personal insult to Herod and a political threat to Rome. Herod was not only lacking regal (Hasmonean) blood, but not even Jewish. Herod married the Jewish princess Mariamne and they had children; then he killed her, killed their children, and anyone else with royal blood. He kept the throne because, at that time there were several Civil Wars between the Romans and Herod knew how to pick the winners of each one, who was grateful for Herod's support. In fact, the Senate of Rome gave him that very title: "The King of the Jews"; so the magi were asking Herod, "Where are your own children (that you killed)?", and saying, "The Roman Empire can not make a king if you are not born a king, therefore the Roman Empire is built on lies."

(I tried to comment on the sojo site, but their techno stuff never works)

I was going to make a commnet, but the stuff here is way to intellectual for me....

It seems as if this arouses some strong reactions. Allow me to join the fray. :)

this is what i really want,, it is a nice jesus pix.

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