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I must give credit to Pastor Kevin Maly at St Paul Lutheran church in Denver for how much he has influenced my understanding of the cross.

Amen! Thanks, Nadia. And thanks, Kevin.

Yes, this is the revelation of who God really is.

This is amazing and profound. Really opened my eyes to the love of God. Thank you, Nadia.

I love that you chose this Chagal. I remember when, as a teen, you sat in front of it for hours.

A great sermon! This is an objective opinion even though I AM your dad.

Thank you. Beautiful.

wonderful, thank you for posting

But what did we learn from the crucifixion, as people? Did we learn humility? Did we learn forgiveness? Or did we learn (as I suspect) that before you crucify some one, you should make sure he isn't well-connected.

I love your preaching heaps!
And Love to all ya mob.

As I read I thought of the chorus of a familiar hymn we'll sing in the coming weeks...

This, this is Christ the King
Whom shepherds guard and angels sing.
Haste, haste to bring him laud
The babe the son of Mary.

Our king begins life in the most weak and vulnerable place possible and comes full circle at the end of his life.

Thanks, Nadia, as always. I admit I get nervous when I read either/or statements, especially about God. There are certainly some ways in which Jesus' death was also the satisfaction of a treaty, a legal deal. Clearly, you have nailed the central fact most miss: peace can only come through loss and reconciliation and never through violence. Sacrifice is the way to victory, the way of the true king! Thanks!

But here’s the thing – most of God is unknowable. Period.

Wow. I am not sure where this is all taking me. If I were to claim to speak for God, or claim to know how to define God, I am full of myself. It is only in being thankful for the "I don't know"s of God that I empty my arrogant vessel, that I honor His name (YHWH) and His sovereignty. Thank you, once again, Nadia, for hip-checking me outside of myself.

This is Christian Rocket Science; of course it shouldn't be: should be as natural as the air; but thank God and alleluia that you and other pastors are now explaining the cross this way. Can you link to Theology and Peace for attempt to make it like air? Would love to talk more.

Tony Bartlett

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