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    I am the mission developer for House for All Sinners and Saints in Denver, Colorado. We are an urban liturgical community with a progressive yet deeply rooted theological imagination. Check out our site for more info.

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I wonder if it wouldn't be more effective to recall the ancient practice of observing All Soul's day (Nov. 2), on which we pray for all the faithful departed.

Oh yes, if sainthood depends upon my purity, I'll never make it. If it depends upon God's gracious enfolding of me into divine righteousness, I've got a chance.

Enjoyed this one and it gave me a lot to chew on.

My personal definition of practical sanctity is degree of surrender to God. You don't have to be perfect; you just become transparent to God and He will shine and work through you. You become a vessel through which God acts as opposed to trying to do God's Will in your own power, which is a recipe for failure.

Thank you. I never felt comfortable with the clear cut categories that place each of us in "its proper" classification of being. Your sermon reminded me of what I heard awhile ago, a young candidate, said something quite wonderful: we are not guardians determining who is and who is not allowed at this table, but we are to welcome and to share as Jesus has shared his life with us.

Thank you for your ministry.

It's preaching like this -- knowing someone somewhere is preaching like this in a Lutheran institution (if you don't mind me using that word) -- that makes me proud to still call myself Lutheran.

Saint and sinner, I guess this is why we weekly (not weakly) confess together. I welcome input on a confession that I'm developing for Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Ojai, California:
"I am the sheep who got lost.
"I have stepped off the path.
"I have missed the mark.
"I have damaged relationships...."

Alma White's is an interesting story... and her connections with the KKK are awful. But I would check out a very good resource about her called "Feminist Pillar of Fire," it's not a glowing endorsement, but a fair portrayal of an interesting/ and conflicted women.

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