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Thank you Nadia. Amen to every word.

You are good. very good. wish i could hear you preaching live.

Fantastic, Nadia. I also preached on this passage, but not as well. I also had wanted to say something about Haiti in this, but could not find a way. You found the way. Thank you.

Such a beautiful interpretation of John's words, especially the word, "woman". And I love the insight of Mary being a prophet. I also preached about Haiti's heartbreaking tragedy, challenging PatR's narrow view of God (the almighty event planner). Any God that I'm going to love and serve is hardly going to be like the worst example of manipulative parenting!Thanks, Nadia, for sharing your expansive view of God with the big wide world.


I'm going to save this sermon for my daughter when she asks me.... Why Daddy?

You blew my mind with this one.


and thanks be to God.

Amen is right.
This IS a sermon to be saved. It is so hard to wrap my head around all this. This helps. Thanks Nadia.

I wondered why my Pastor on Sunday did not refer to Haiti at all... like the earthquake didn't exist or happen. Your sermon was missing - I thank you for posting it. It was a voice unheard on this past Sunday for me. Thank you.


Beautiful sermon.

The atheist writer is a side-note to your sermon, and so it is fine that you do not answer him. But if you did answer, I would say: God did cause the people of Haiti to be poor: WE did. We accepted a world economy that creates unimaginable wealth for a few, and luxury for a great many more (including me), but leaves the people of Haiti destitute-- their land raped, their children malnourished. Surely God weeps for the children of Haiti, as he wept for the children of Israel in the days of Amos, and the children of Judah in the days of Micah. And surely, God's anger is kindled against us, for allowing this to happen. We must repent. Lord have mercy.

oops-- God did NOT cause the people of Haiti to be poor.

As typos go, that's a very bad one.

Right on aquaman.


Beautiful sermon, thanks for posting.

and the whole church said: Amen!

"This is our God. Not a distant judge cruelly indifferent to our pain and not some monster causing calamity, but a God who weep. A God who suffers not only for us but with us."

- Thanks so much for the comments. What you say needs to be seen and experienced not only by those who are suffering, but also by those who are questioning the goodness of God. When we start to question, we just need to look back into the face of Jesus.

How touching. Very inspirational.

This IS a sermon to be saved. It is so hard to wrap my head around all this. This helps. Thanks Nadia.

thanks for your inspiration
have been working on a paper
re Wedding at Cana
we are sponsoring school children in Haiti this weekend at our church -and You helped me to hear God's voice today

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