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Awesome sermon! Sometimes it's hard to just shut and see what God's doing (mostly because I'm so impatient). But when I do shut up and watch . . . wow!

Amen and amen.

This sounds like something I'd preach--same cadence, similar phrasing...

So it'd be self-serving for me to say it's good, right?

I'm assuming that a woman that old wanted to be pregnant, right? And that her husband wanted to be a father? And that they'd both be around to raise this child?
Actually I'm an atheist and I think that this is a crock. I've heard a YouTube in which your head ELCA honcho state that there will be exactly one Lutheran by the year 2048.
You and the Missouri and Wisconsin and godknows whichother synod have been godbothering for years now, each trying to out-Luther the other in whatever direction suited your socio-political beliefs, everything from "Jesus is a 20th century Che guevara" to "Jesus told me to vote Republican/anti-gay/anti-abortion". Either way, you claimed that someone nobody can hear is telling you to tell the rest of us to do things.
Ridiculous. Those under 25 years old are only about 2% Mainline Protestant; it will be pleasant not to have to listen to this nonsense any more.

Wonderful sermon. I love the part about Zecheriah's nine-month time-out and the line that says ". . .the transgressive fecundity of God that would change the world grew in the wombs of an old lady and a virgin teenager. . ." How many times have I read and heard this story and NOT been knocked over the head by that!

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