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Beautiful all around.

Sounds wonderful . . . what a great day, what a great celebration. It makes me look forward to my ordination (Dec 20) that much more . . .

I was sorry before that I got caught up at home and missed it ... I'm even more bummed now. Blessings!


I'm so proud of you. Congratulations. It sounds so wonderful.


Nadia - thanks so much for that wonderful account of your ordination. I was greatly moved by it. It's really great to see how the liturgy of the Church, so replete with meaning and resonance, can come through with such power. I only wish I could have been there to join in with it all. Still, hopefully we'll get to meet up next time you're in the UK. Blessings to you, your family and House.

Getting choked up just reading it. Beautiful my dear. Would love to read the sermon if its written down somewheres. So much love for and to you.

thanks for sharing this with us who couldn't be there with you but believe in you from afar.

I loved seeing the pictures on facebook and am so glad you pointed to your entry here. It was amazing reading your ordination experience. Pastor Mark said it was a really wonderful thing to be at. We so wish we could have been there too. You will be a blessing to God's people wherever you are.

Many congratulations, Nadia. It sounds absolutely beautiful.

N -
I teared up reading this. Thanks for posting it. Now I feel like I was there.

The ordination was thrilling, and your dad was so sweet. Congrats again!

May you continue to be blessed by our Lord Jesus. Thanks for the transparent and wonderful account of your ordination.

Thanks for sharing your reflections on the theft of the food trays (both here, and at Sojourners). I look forward to reading this blog as you grow as a minister of the Gospel.


Hi Nadia,
This made me cry--so great that your family was so much a part of things! Made me remember what an impression my own brother's ordination made on me...he wore a stole I wove for him...his ordination was truly a sacred process to be a witness to. As I know yours was, and continues to be. Thanks for letting us witness it from afar. Best wishes my friend, and love to you,

huge congratulations to you and blessings from your alma mater. wish I was there with a big fat contingent of Luther folks. peace, chris

I love that you loved everything about your day! You will have a life-long delicious memory. Congratulations and blessings.

WOW, congratulations... and I guess I didn't realize you weren't full-on ordained yet! Awesome awesome awesome. Hope we can chat a bit soon.

What a wonderful account and thanks so very much for sharing your day. I was praying for pictures. Who SAYS there is no God? A rich and wonderful ordination.

I hope this story makes it into the book - wow. Thanks for sharing. Peace.

Nadia, Congratulations!
What a wonderful looking service. God Bless you in your ministry.

Congratulations and blessings Nadia.


Not much of a tradionalist or a liturgical guy but this made me choke up.


I LOVED reading what you loved... there is so much embodied in your words and it is very moving. Thanks for sharing...

... and Congratulations!!! May the grace and peace of Christ abound in your ministry!

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