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    The blog of a dad, husband, Lutheran pastor, emerging, failing, conversing, confessing.
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Great post! We all need to remember this.

We've been struggling with this since moving to LA (lower alabama) a year ago. Thanks for this post; it gives me a lot to ponder on.

Amen, sister! Well said. :-)

Where I've screwed up is when I've forgotten that they are my brothers and sisters in Christ and that should matter more than whatever thoughts we have floating around in our heads.

Spot on assessment - if my uber liberal hippies hadn't died from alcohol induced idealism, I'd be a lot kinder to seeing 21st century hippies being equally as dippy. My past definitely impacts on my present. Thank God her grace breaks through all my personal crapola.

Trying to keep your faith while visiting relatives in TX is a major test of God's resiliance and faith in us.

I am from TX and my family still resides there. It takes biting the inside of my mouth to keep from declaring WWIII each time I go back to visit my mother.

Not all Texans are like this but a great percentage are and we wonder why the current resident of the White House is the way he is? The shame of it all is that he had to be paraded before the whole world as a spokesman for our nation.

Sounds like the conversation in my extended family-by-blood gatherings! Oy veh. Yes, indeed: "Dear God, please be more gracious than what I'm feeling right now."

I can relate to your discomfort visiting w/ your relatives in Texas...only I find myself in such conversations down the block, in good 'ol urban/suburban Denver. Seems minds can close in any geographical location. May my urban/progressive hearts not close in judgement for those I tend to dispise as close-minded....but I also pray for courage to speak a word in due season, full of grace and truth. (e.g. Obama is NOT a muslim, read his book man!...Your racial slur IS offensive, please don't...and would that we could trust the power of LOVE and diplomacy over GUNS!) Now if I could only say that in the middle of the conversations I often find myself in right here is sweet urban Denver!!! Thanks for sharing! Luv ya, Michelle

Just want to comment and let you know how much I appreciated this post. This issue is a huge struggle for me and I find the compassion in your assessment helpful. Thank you for that.

Beautiful, Nadia. Thanks for your compassion on us all. Lord, save us from ourselves!

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