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Have you checked the closet? ;-)

I heard they were all at Iliff...

Keep fighting the good fight, sister...

Thank you - truly - for being the cheerleader and rabble rouser for the queers. I wish I could have fought the good fight, ahhhh, just not my call. Good on ya.

Wow ...

Maybe Erik (my pastor) was the last queer at Luther. Somehow I doubt it.

Holden greetings to you and the family from a couple of Holden Queers. (Matt and Matt)

You rock.

Woot! Go girl!
I have to ask the question (cuz i have no idea) different sems are known for different theology/politics? yes?

it IS sinful that the lutherans won't take an unequivocal, loving stand in favor of gay (o hell, lets just admit that its universal human) rights... its also cowardly, immoral and hypocritical. while i agree with you (for now) that the hope is to change the church from within, i confess to moments of despair where i find myself wondering who the hell are these people and why do i want to have anything to do with them? how long until the "leadership" understands that its not the queers they're driving away, its EVERYONE

my church is even worse... I feel like I have emotionally left it already.

Isn't Luther the most conservative of all the ELCA seminaries?
I'm at the Lutheran Seminary Program of the Southwest a part of the Chicago Lutheran Seminary and Wartburg Theological Seminary. Liberation theology rules down here in Austin, Texas!

Hmmmm.... I have to wonder what's going on, on campus this year. I've been on sabbatical since last January, so I'm pretty much out of the loop, but there are usually some folk who come to the opening First Week events to share what's going on, and certainly on National Coming Out day there's usually a table in the OCC with ribbons a-plenty for people to wear. You will also tend to hear reflections theologically in various classes. I'll post a link to your question in my blog, and see who responds!

Wait a minute maybe it is Southern that is more conservative. Well, they are close. Does anyone know?
I know Luther is more low-church and Southern is high church. Let me know if I am way off base here.

I came to Luther Seminary three years ago with the same questions and frustrations you have - where the hell are all the gay people? In fact, I inadvertently outed a couple people because I forgot to be careful about what I said to who, and where. But I was gently encouraged to put away my emotional "gun" (because I truly had it drawn, ready to shoot) and join the thoughtful, steady, plodding efforts on campus to bring folks together around this issue that our church is currently struggling with so deeply. There are indeed GLBTQ folks and allies on campus, and the good fight IS being fought. Please don't assume it isn't. As the mother of a deeply beloved gay child, it's important to me that this struggle be handled in a way that has transforming power - AND leaves as few people in its trail as possible. AGAPE - which is the campus group for those interested in ministry for, with, and by sexual minorities, their families, and their friends - has its first meeting for this school year on Oct. 17 @ 1:00p. I hope you will join us. (Details will be forthcoming this week.)

And I truly hope that while you are with us, you will work hard not to fall into the easy practice of deciding that Luther is this or Luther is that, and judge us accordingly. You are so very bright and talented (and my kids think you are funnier than shit!). You speak with an authority few of us will ever be able to claim. While you are with us, teach us things that we do not yet know (some of that stuff we talked about at supper the other night). And be open to the possibility that we might teach you some things that you do not yet know. It's about journey - and we're all on it together.

Susan Masters

Thank you, Susan. For your post and your loving attitude.

Thanks to everyone for your comments. I am always amazed and humbled by how readers engage with this site, it's enriching and challenging on so many levels.

Thanks you so much for your words. I too will holster the weapon. I have put a "This is a safe place" Pink triangle sticker outside of my dorm room as a way of letting people know that I am one of the allies you mentioned. I'm so glad to know there is a group on campus, I asked several people and was told that no such group exists. Your admonition to not leave people in my wake in the name of progress was well founded. I'm only here for a few months and certainly have no desire to mess up whatever progress has been made by the GLBTQ folks who are a regular part of this community. But if I can be helpful in anyway count me in.
You are a wise chick my friend.


Listen, these things take gentle time and being safe space helps slowly open the space for us to be more out in such environments. It doesn't happen overnight. I know, I've seen the transformation of another Lutheran seminary over time.

This is the first time that I checked in. I happened upon your blog. I read quite a few entries. I am going to be a regular.

Looking forward to hearing your voice as I have my morning coffee.

Nadia... i have been thinking about your sticker "This is a safe place"... it is something I wish I could stick on my door, my car, my back, my heart as an invite to the hurting to be welcome with me... but I am afraid because I know that despite all my good intentions and inner compassion, I am human. And I inadvertently cause pain in others, as much as I heal. How do we promise safety to others without some kind of "at your own risk" warning?!!!
If only to be more like the real Jesus - something about him, wherever he went, said "I am a safe place" and he was risk free.

My seminary was a very safe place to be out; it's the parish that is not so safe. Thanks for being an ally.

Pax, C.


I am an alum from Luther and gay. I'm a pastor in the Disciples of Christ. I was at Luther from '97 to 2001 and I can say that there are queers at Luther. I was out for the most part, but then because I am not Lutheran, I wasn't under as much scrutiny. I do know of openly gay people that attended and graduated (I happen to be good friends with her and her partner). Also, a MA student came out in a sexuality course and we also had a gay couple talk in that class about sexuality and relationships. I even took Greek with Anita Hill (who preached at my ordination).

Luther does have a way to go, but last I knew there was a GLBT group meeting regularly. There are also a fair number of wonderfully supportive professors.

Are you still in the Cities? If so, would love to meet and chat about Emergent. I and a Lutheran pastor are thinking of starting something new here.


Hi Nadia,

We met this summer at Holden; we met at the meeting of the GLBT group. I was thinking about my time at Holden and thought of you as well and thought I'd hunt down your blog. I'm discouraged at the slow pace of progress in fully embracing the GLBT members of the church. As a parent of a gay son, it makes me sad and feel separated from the church. It's encouraging to know there is progress but that speed it too slow.

Keep challenging and encouraging!

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