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    I am the mission developer for House for All Sinners and Saints in Denver, Colorado. We are an urban liturgical community with a progressive yet deeply rooted theological imagination. Check out our site for more info.

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  • Chris Enstad
    The blog of a dad, husband, Lutheran pastor, emerging, failing, conversing, confessing.
  • Ian Mobsby
    Ian is the Anglican Priest at Moot in London.
  • Matt Stone
    This is a great blog from Down Under which explores Christianity and religious pluralism
  • Luther Punk
    Like Ward Cleaver with tattoos
  • Ian Adams
    Ian is the priest of the MayBe community in Oxford...I think he's pretty stinkin' cool.
  • Rachael
    cool chick...check her out
  • MayBe
    This is a great emerging church community we spent time with in Oxford. Their website is well worth a look, especially the page "the spirit of MayBe"
  • Mad Priest
    If I'm the Sarcastic Lutheran, he's certainly the Sarcastic Anglican...
  • Steve Collins
    Steve's an interesting and articulate emerging church brit.
  • The Mercy Seat
    This is a really groovey new church plant in NorthEast Minneapolis, amazing jazz liturgy. Their website is well worth checking out

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Really awesome assignment. I wish I could participate, but I get about three fuzzy channels on my tv with rabbit ears, none of which is your nifty evangelical network. I'll look forward to reading your reflections!

yeah, I had to order a cable package in order to do this...which made me feel a little dirty, let's hope I don't get addicted and will actually cancel it in a month like I swore I would.

I think the Park Hill neighborhood is pretty close to Capitol Hill where the church I interned at was. Not bad. Have fun.

Glad to hear the book deal worked out. Kewl. We slam TBN at the Wittenburg Door every chance we get - you might want to check out the website for additional ammo.

Good luck. I hope you have a therapist and confessor both on standby!

Oh man, I really want to do that but I just get EWTN......I wonder if any friends get it...

Congrats to all the SLs! Where I live is considered Park Hill. Though one of the less, mmm, exclusive bits. Wonderful news for Rev. Mr. SLs call, wonderful news re: book, let me know if there is anything I and my old van can do re: the move, and sorry but I don't gots cable.

Just wanted to let you know that I listed your challenge on my silly little blog. I will try to help if I can stay awake.

Ok, this is hilarious/cool/wild. I'll try to remember and watch.

A few months ago I was flipping channels and saw a guy I know from Birmingham, AL singing with the Gaithers on some Christian channel, so I stopped to watch it a minute or two. Next day a friend came over, flipped on the TV, and there was TBN, or whatever it was, on. I quickly explained that I was watching someone I know. We still laugh about how I quickly I was to explain - as if it was porn or something!

My friend Kathy just invited me to Theology Pub, so I'll look forward to meeting you there next week.

Did you know the original funding for TBN came from a Lutheran? I heard Paul Crouch mention once as I was channel surfing. In his words, "Can you imagine? A Lutheran funding a Christian television network!" I think he had hopes of leading the poor Lutheran guy to Christ.

I would never ever want to watch that much of that channel. But every so often, I have seen snippets of Joyce Meyer. I don't always agree with her theology, but there are some moments when I like what she says. I can hardly believe I've made this confession.

The thing that scared me when I was in the parish, is when the sweet little old ladies would send off money and be so proud of the trinket they had received in return. Some times they would give said trinkets to my senior colleague. (I was glad he got the pseudo bronze eagle bookends instead of ME.)

Good luck with your project. It sounds fascinating!

I think that your project sounds really cool. Can't wait till it's finished!

Check out this awsome book that my friend and I are writing! It is really awsome and we are only 11!

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