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I do think you are talking about idolatry in a sense, the elevation of doctrine beyond its place. I sure saw that in the Catholic church pre-Vatican II and it is coming back into Roman Catholicism, that sense that doctrine and tradition are definitive and their truths unchanging. It's an interesting topic for me, as I need SOME doctrine/theology/guideposts in a faith tradition, but when is it useful and when does it become an idol?

Great thoughts here, and no, I don't think you're a heretic. One of my profs at Luther once said that heresy can be defined simply as "Jesus AND ___" Whatever you put in the blank is heresy.

Who's your prof for the class?

Dr. Steven Paulson

Yeah, I thought that's who it would be. He's also the one who gave us the definition of heresy I quoted above. Paulson will definitely challenge folks on doctrinal issues, but he's not a heretic hunter as I understand the term - merely a deeply confessional Lutheran in a seminary where the atmosphere has undergone a deep shift in the last 10 years. I really enjoyed Paulson as a professor and I hope y'all will, too.

Something I really appreciate about you, SL, is your understanding of the LIVING nature of God and God's word. It's refreshing - you really understand what it means to be in a relationship with a God who is "other." Don't let that change!

Steven Paulsen is post my seminary era, but I've heard some good things about him. Intrigued by Scott's comment about sem. going through deep changes... hmmm.. and he wrote an interesting book "Luther for Armchair theologians." He's also the nephew of a retired pastor in my congregation whom I DEEPLY respect. Orthodox Lutheran, but really open and helpful and extremely supportive. I hate to give labels but to me, Liberal in a confessional way.

yeah what you said SL

SL, what you are dealing with is theology and consequently doctrine. But what you come to know through your experience of God is what speaks most clearly to you.

Don't try to confuse the two. For 2 thousand years people have theologized about their relationship with God. Augustine did it; Luther did it; you do it. We are all theologians at some level and all have our own opinion. But NO one has the same experience of God as you. We may talk about it, we may stretch it, convolute it. Whatever. It is the relationship you have with the Divine that will hold you close all your life. Cultivate it and hang on to it.

While it will be important for you to understand the doctrine of your Church look for Augustine's relationship with God, Luther's relationship to God and then see if you can understand their theological and doctrinal thinking. It is easier than just swallowing doctrines whole.

Hi Well from one "heretic" to another...let me say I delight in your blog. Oddly I found it through MADPRIEST...happy coicidine. Keep writing and thinking, (and yes, I'm a Lutheran pastor...but a cracked/whacked one) Gail

Ok I cannot spell-- it should have been "happy coincidence!" shalom Gail

my thanks to all. i have to have the smartest readers on the web, i'm always so enriched and challenged by all your contributions.

Paulson speaks gorgeously about Christ. Yet, I don't agree with his stance on our gay brothers and sisters....from a fellow temporary lutersem student.

challenged... encouraged... by your thoughts, Nadia, and those of your readers. We could be in the same boat.. or different boats on the same sea...

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