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The far superior prayer to that you propose is Peter's prayer:

Lord, I believe, help my unbelief.

Good thoughts. It is a bit harder to question the conclusions that years of doubt and questioning led you to - especially if the only option you see is to return to where you were before.

I have been thinking about what I would say to an ordination committee if they asked me about, oh, I don't know, my christology or something...after a certain point, trying to have the RIGHT, SPECIFIC answer puts God in a box, leaving no room for mystery, for both/and/beyond.

Think they'd go for it?

Yes... Doubt is the question to God "Who am I?". It's a question we cannot answer and that is why we constantly ask it. When we stop asking the question it is because we think we know the answer, that we are God, and therein lies the idol. Faith, then, is the statement to God, "You know.". Yet without the question it hardly makes sense. Personally I think that Jesus suffering on the Cross is a manifestation of this question and answer, of doubt and faith, of being human and of being God simultaneously. Sometimes the question and answer doesn't need to be spoken or thought, it just needs to be witnessed. I hope that makes sense!

John W,
absolutely brilliant. that's so beautiful.

Your blog is a breath of fresh air mon cheri.

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