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    I am the mission developer for House for All Sinners and Saints in Denver, Colorado. We are an urban liturgical community with a progressive yet deeply rooted theological imagination. Check out our site for more info.

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  • Chris Enstad
    The blog of a dad, husband, Lutheran pastor, emerging, failing, conversing, confessing.
  • Ian Mobsby
    Ian is the Anglican Priest at Moot in London.
  • Matt Stone
    This is a great blog from Down Under which explores Christianity and religious pluralism
  • Luther Punk
    Like Ward Cleaver with tattoos
  • Ian Adams
    Ian is the priest of the MayBe community in Oxford...I think he's pretty stinkin' cool.
  • Rachael
    cool chick...check her out
  • MayBe
    This is a great emerging church community we spent time with in Oxford. Their website is well worth a look, especially the page "the spirit of MayBe"
  • Mad Priest
    If I'm the Sarcastic Lutheran, he's certainly the Sarcastic Anglican...
  • Steve Collins
    Steve's an interesting and articulate emerging church brit.
  • The Mercy Seat
    This is a really groovey new church plant in NorthEast Minneapolis, amazing jazz liturgy. Their website is well worth checking out

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Oh, how I wish we could get rid of the word "emerging."

Don't these people realise how hilarious the phrase, "Portland Emerging Women's conference" is to people who don't work in "human resources."

The most popular comedy programme of recent years in the UK was "The Office" which was all based on taking the piss out of people who invent words like "emerging." So people outside the Church hear these words (such phrases as "new expressions" and "re-imagining" and "mission shaped church" and, worst of all "Purpose driven life,") and they think we're a bunch of tossers just like the characters in "The Office." Nobody in the Church, well nobody with authority, seems to have any street savvy whatsoever.

Now, "Portland Kick-ass women" or something like that, would sell a lot more seats.

so right.
portland kick-ass women is far superior. when i'm in charge of things i shall consider it as a front-runner

Sorry this is off-topic. I stumbled across your blog via Lutheran Chik's site (which I also stumbled across). You are a DG, which in my circles means a damn genius. It also means that you're inspirational. Just wanted to pass that on.

Lurkingly yours,

Rob M.

Nadia, you are a revelation. I did the exact same thing: took a route of discovering the feminine face of God---and S/he led me back to Jesus and the Church.

It was SO wonderful to see you again. I hope it isn't the last time!

Bob's got some good thoughts in response here:

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