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    The blog of a dad, husband, Lutheran pastor, emerging, failing, conversing, confessing.
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You swear like a Gallilean fisherman.

You are effen fabulous!!

Honest and true. As a used to be evangelical, I can assure you I´m not worth much in their eyes either. I used to have all my alarms go off at certain words and tones of voice (in our group, we even played with each others alarms by saying things like "there is only one true way to understand this scripture"). The only way tp tune these alarms was to actually step out and face it. Go to the conference, it will do you good.

I'm a post-evangelical and they won't have me either. I'm a woman who dares to have a calling to teach ... and think for myself. Bwa ha ha ha. I also swear like a truck driver and constantly embarass my husband. I think you might be surprised if you go to the conference and meet the real women behind the website masks that everyone wants to put up.

Hey ... I just noticed you're a RevGal too ... so am I!! Glad I found your blog. :-)

Many thanks for this - especially for your prayer. I have similiar difficulties, even with people from within our church community/congregation!

it's comforting to read your confession - I thought I was the only one who felt this way. I'll push a bit farther - some of the services built by these folks also bother me. Guess your prayer arrives on my screen in time. Just wondering... which blog were you referring to? As far as the conference, be true and honest in your intentions, no matter what you finally decide.

You have been an inspiration of a sort for me. You may not remember it but on the Emergent Leaders site I asked it there was any kind of vision statement or strategy for partnering emergent ideas with the mainline church. You recommended the book "Emergent Church" Bolger/Gibbs. This may sound a little over the top but that book changed my life. As a "wild hair" member of our ELCA church counsel I have been pushing for a serious assessment of direction and vision in the light of that book. Progress has been slow but I have made some inroads. I would be interested in hearing your perspective on the prospects. Also, I am curious what you do at the Theology pub. That sounds interesting to me. I'd be glad to hear from you if you drop me a line or post on

mark at desertbirds dot com
Bay Area, California (Gilroy)

Rock on sister. You are like salve on the open wound of many souls and always feed me some good theological grub. Thanks - as always - for the prayer. Maybe I could initiate a call, conference call or something and have a discussion about Theology Pub? Sounds like there may be some interest and I am a total lame-o for not calling yet. Bless you sister.

And I'd love to hear if you are going to the EW thing in IL. I am thinking about it.

theological smugness? certainly not you!

actually, the holier-than-thou attitude can cut both ways, and I guess there's just the "I'm better because I swear" camp and the "I'm better because I don't swear" camp, and everybody in both camps is so consumed with pride that it's a wonder God doesn't just drop kick us all across the universe and start all over again! I sure would.

If you think people are persecuting the Bible by saying that Jesus is their personal savior than that's something you've got to duke out with Jesus himself. Is that not what he claims to be time and time again in his own words?

I've also felt uncomfortable and frustrated being around people who when they talk about their faith use, what I like to call 'Christianese'. It's more about what sometimes feels like a lack of sincerity than the language that bothers me. But I've realized that I've got to stop bashing other Christians and disassociating myself from these people because I think they're 'uncool'. Especially before I've given them the chance to talk real with me and find out what they really believe. It's disrespectful and assuming. And if we call ourselves Christians we need to really think about who Jesus says he is and get comfortable with it. You either admire his compassion but think he's a freak when he starts claiming to be Lord or your personal savior, or you're aware of who he is and are on board with it.

Dear allevacmt -- can you please point me to where Jesus calls himself my "personal lord and savior"? Because in my Bible, he never does. He is called "savior" 3 times in the gospels, by someone else.

Besides, you're missing SL's point: she was not critiquing the "lord and savior" part so much, but the individualist focus of "personal".

To SL: I repeat myself, but -- You rock, and are totally fabulous. Even if you hate working in groups (like me...).

Spill it, sister!!

I don't know if you're going to see this as the post is from two years ago. But I really want to know - why do you refuse to view the Bible as inerrant? What is the problem here? I don't mean that confrontationally, I genuinely want to know. Also, you say that people who believe the Bible is inerrant are selective. But so are you! Presumably you take some of the Bible literally, otherwise what is your theology based on?? The Bible calls us to be different, to be separate from the world. Do you have an issue with that text too? I genuinely want to know your thoughts, so I am leaving my real email address here. It's not my intention to bash your beliefs, I really want to know what the issue with the Bible is.

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