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He sounds like an adolescent boy telling his mates how many girls fancy him.

He also writes, "... and by God’s grace have been faithful to her in every way since the day we met."


So if he screws around it will be God's fault for not stopping him.

Personally, I'm faithful to my wife because I love her loads.

There is also the implication that he is faithful to her because she is beautiful. Sorry ugly gals, if your huband is screwing's your own fault. In the next life, be less ugly.

I read the blog article as saying that pastors should have male assistants, ie secretaries (the non-PC term). While not arguing the validity of the suggestion, it does seem different from saying no female pastors.

I did find the suggestion about sexuality and availability quite interesting. He says that he knows few pastors with healthy sex lives, and then goes on to suggest what seems to me to be yet another non-healthy approach to sex tied to female body image. Notice he didn't say anything about the pastors (like me) who need to be hitting the gym a tad harder.

What it boils down to is that none of those things would prevent a man from doing what Haggard did. He made a conscious decision and is not a victim of circumstance.

Still, I think there are one too many people having far too much fun with his downfall. It makes me curious about what skeletons they have their own closets. I know mine is chock full.

Just so you know Driscoll has said many times that he thinks the church should really be led by men.
I too have skeletons in my closet, but my closet isn't closed. I feel that as the church we need to be honest about being both sinner and saint and when one's sactification theology compells you to hide your shadow side rather than openly holding it in tension with your sainthood, the results are often pretty ugly and (I would propose) much worse than had you simply been able to be honest about who you are from the begining. It just feels that conservative evangelical theology points too much to self (PERSONAL lord and savior, being a "godly" Christian because of how right you are about everything and how correctly you act), rather than a theology of the cross which always points to God. Theologies that point too much to self often seem to have adherants who condemn others on moral grounds, because they are just so certain of themselves and how godly they are and how wrong everyone else is. Am I being judgemental? Yep, I'm a sinful person and that often comes out in pretty inelegant ways including being judgemental about how judgemental other people are. I just get sick everytime something like this is exposed beacuse I have to work that much harder to convince the un-churched and de-churched people around me that the church has some good stuff going on too and that we aren't all Ted Haggards (except for the whole we're all sinners thing, hard to get around that)

Mark Driscoll is the one that pisses me off with his holier than thou Southpark humor. Its interesting that Haggard does not blame his wife or the accuser and admits that he has sinned while Driscoll blames women.

The Patriarchal posterboy has gottern national attention now

I found your blog while looking for more information on Mark Driscoll. I live in the Seattle area and have been following the recent controversy surrounding Mark's recent blog comments. He was on the local news tonight attempting to defend his position.

I have heard stories of his misogynistic attitudes for quite some time. So tonight I did a little more investigation. I've put up two posts on my blog that reference two articles on Mark. One is from a local paper, the other from Salon. They include many quotes from Mark.

Especially interesting were ideas like this: "Women will be saved by going back to that role that God has chosen for them." (having babies and being quietly subservient to their husbands)

"Every single book in your Bible is written by a man... Priest[hood] is reserved exclusively for godly men.";

"There is no occasion where women led a society and were its heads and the men complied and followed. ... It's a matter of Biblical creation.".

Mark also views childbirth as an important form of growng the church and encourages all women in the church to quit their jobs and to have as many babies as possible. Here's a quote from a woman in the church:

"My life is much harder, not easier, now that I'm a Christian," she says, clenching her teeth against [her infant daughter's] droning whine. "We had originally planned not to have kids, but now we have to do our best to repopulate our city with Christians....."It's not what I ever imagined," she tells me, "or even what I ever wanted, but it's my duty now, and I have to learn to live with that."

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